Technical Client’s Function

The Outsourcing PTD company offers its clients to use our knowledge and experience to organize and control the work on obtaining approvals and enabling documentation, development, approval, and examination of design documentation, carrying out of building and installation works, and project commissioning.

The main functions of the Client-developer:

  • providing initial data for the development of designing estimates, placing an order for the development of all necessary documentation for the object’s construction, its approval in accordance with the established procedure, search for contractors, the conclusion of contracts for the development of documentation and execution of the entire complex of construction, installation, and commissioning works, a supply of equipment and materials;
  • acceptance, accounting, proper storage of equipment, products, and materials from warehouses, their providing for installation;
  • execution of all the necessary works on the construction site preparation, supervision of compliance with the norms and rules during the building and installation works, acceptance of completed works, and preparation of the object for commissioning;
  • ensuring the rational and economical use of funds allocated for construction, timely payment for materials, equipment, work performed, etc., taking measures to reduce the construction timelines.

Our Technical Client Services:

Performing the Technical Client’s Functions

Before a construction:

  • Passing the state examination of design documentation and engineering surveys;
  • Receiving a construction permit for an object;
  • Ensuring sources of engineering infrastructure for a construction period;
  • Monitoring of building siting results;

During a construction:

  • Performing the functions of technical supervision over the quality and compliance of the work performed with the design decisions;
  • Accounting the amount of the work performed;
  • Signing acts of inaccessible works;
  • Provides control over the work performed according to the field supervision’s comments of a design organization;

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