Project Execution Plans (PEP)

The engineers of the Outsourcing PTD company professionally develop project execution plans (PEP). A specialist of the engineering department is guided by the following standard technical documents when developing a PEP:

  • SP 48.13330.2019 “Organization of Construction”
  • MDS 12-81.2007 “Methodological Recommendations for the Development and Making up of a Construction Management Project (CMP) and a Project Execution Plan (PEP)”
  • MDS 12-29.2006 “Methodological Recommendations for the Development and Making up of a Manufacturing Plan”

It should be understood that a PEP refers to organizational and technological documents, which also include:

  • PEP for hoist structure operation, formerly known as PEP for crane operation
  • PEP for work at height
  • Manufacturing plans and standard manufacturing plans

Our specialists develop project execution plans (PEP) throughout the Russian Federation for all types of building and construction works. All the Client’s adjustments and requests are taken into account up to the complete approval of a PEP.

Our company does not seek to dishonestly earn money by requesting an extra fee for a manufacturing plan, so we thoroughly develop a PEP that includes:

  • Title page
  • РEP acknowledgment list
  • Calendar of building and construction works
  • Material and equipment receipt schedule
  • Personnel appointment schedule
  • Main construction vehicle and device movement schedule
  • Explanatory note with the main technological decisions
  • The list of material and equipment, tools, devices, rigging, temporary buildings and structures, personal protective equipment, etc. used in the building and construction works.
  • Quality requirements and control methods
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Master plan of the construction project
  • Cranage and building hoist installation and dismantling schemes, including decisions on structures, bases, and fastening
  • Manufacturing plans

The PEP development procedure by the Outsourcing PTD company’s specialists:

  • Source data request: construction management project, working and design documentation, list of resources planned for the work performed
  • If necessary, visiting a construction site, conducting an audit, and collecting additional information
  • Elaboration of the methodology and basic technology solutions
  • Making up of a requirement specification for a PEP development
  • Development of a PEP
  • Approval and handing the results over to the Client

Our Organizational and Technological Documentation Development Services:

Development of the Organizational and Technological Documentation

  • Construction management project
  • Demolition or dismantlement work management project
  • Traffic management project
  • Project execution plan for work at height

Project execution plans for crane operation:

  • PEP for facade and tower hoist (platform) installation and operation
  • PEP for building hoist installation and operation
  • PEP for tower crane installation and operation

Project execution plans:

  • PEP for residential buildings/structures and their complexes
  • PEP for transport facilities and their complexes
  • PEP for agricultural buildings/structures and their complexes
  • PEP for tower crane foundation installation
  • PEP for industrial buildings/structures and their complexes
  • PEP for public buildings/structures and their complexes
  • PEP for building/structure demolition (dismantlement)

 Manufacturing plans

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