Making up of Local Cost Estimates, Acceptance Acts and Notes of Cost of the Work Performed, and Other Documents of a Construction Company’s Financial Statement to the Client

The quantity surveyors of our company have a high enough qualification in terms of making estimates at any stage of construction. For professional preparation of estimate documentation in construction, each surveyor must have working experience directly related to production. That is why our specialists analyze the source data and identify hidden work to prepare high-quality estimates, which would be a difficult, if not impossible, task for a common estimator unfamiliar with the technology of performing building and construction works.

Having such specialists, we are ready to conduct a full audit of the data provided and, if necessary, perform an assessment justifying the application of certain rates with the provision of a full-blown report.

The basic estimate documentation in the construction sector:

  • work scope analysis for compliance with a project and the presence of hidden work
  • making up local and summary cost estimates
  • preparation of acceptance acts and notes of cost of the work performed
  • checking the adequacy of the planned expenditure
  • justification of the estimation method and the regulatory framework
  • taking into account work conditions

We will save you resources, time, and funds, as well as help you earn money and justifiably add value to your estimates.

Moreover, when ordering us estimate documentation, the acceptance acts and notes of cost are prepared free of charge.

Our Cost Estimate Services:

Making up of Local Cost Estimates as Well as Acceptance Acts and Notes of Cost of the Work Performed

The acceptance act of the work performed (the KS-2 form)

This form is often called a progress payment, which includes the entire volume of construction work performed in the current month expressed as a percentage.

This document includes information about the Contractor’s completion of the project and its acceptance by the Customer, who indicates that he or she has no claims and will pay for the work.

The note of cost of the work performed (the KS-3 form)

The preparation of the KS-2 and KS-3 forms is inextricably linked. The latter indicates the full and detailed cost of all the activities carried out during a working period.

Making up of the KS-2 and KS-3 forms is a kind of copying of the final cost summarization from one certificate to another.

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