Engineering Support

Engineering support of construction is an activity aimed at achieving compliance of the results of the work performed with the design and standard technical documents.
Our company offers the services both in the form of single visits to construction sites to conduct a survey and assess the current state and long-term work directly on the Client’s site.

Our staff consists of experts and engineers who have extensive experience in this field and have successfully implemented dozens of complex projects.

We undertake tasks of any complexity since we have all the necessary knowledge and skills, along with extensive technical facilities, and achieve good results strictly within the required timescales.

Our Engineering Support Services:

Examination of the documents allows us to compare the actual audit results with the design characteristics and prevent future problems. Analysis of technical reports, completion certificates, as-built drawings, and opinions of third-party expert organizations.

Visual inspection directly on the object. Determining the scope of work, taking material samples for checking. While at the site, the specialists instrumentally assess the quality of building and construction works as well as their compliance with the standards.

Preparation of detailed reports, audit and correction of current activities. Full support at all stages of construction.

Engineering Support

  • Development of design requirements and specifications
  • Analysis of planning concepts
  • Documentation assessment
  • Preparation of a list of recommended technologies/equipment/materials
  • Assessment of decisions in the field of engineering systems design and their test work monitoring
  • Analysis/provision of recommendations on working documentation
  • Installation quality assessment
  • Support during state-initiated inspections
  • Timely elimination of defects or nonconformances
  • Construction work timing control
  • Checking and correcting the documentation
  • Compliance with the construction, installation, and finishing work quality standards
  • Necessary documentation’s maintenance supervision
  • Compliance with the approved work schedule
  • Making amendments or changes to the design documentation in accordance with the law when the situation changes during the construction process
  • Selection of construction technologies and materials
  • Working personnel and contractor selection
  • Building’s location on a territory
  • Material procurement

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