Design and Working Documentation Audit

Design and working documents are a kind of documentation containing materials in a text form as well as in a graphic one — constituted by drawings and construction diagrams — and defining architectural, technological, structural, and engineering solutions for the construction or reconstruction of a project.

Our specialists are ready to perform analysis of design and working documentation to ensure that the amount of calculated materials for the project is actually required; to check the adequacy of the materials and equipment presupposed by a project to the construction site conditions; to conduct an incoming inspection of the documentation.

During the incoming inspection, the engineer identifies:

  • Mismatch in the quantity of material and equipment, which significantly reduces the risk of over-purchased or under-purchased supplies with a long delivery time.
  • Nonconformance of the materials with the standard technical documents, the climate zone, and other construction site conditions, which in turn affects the work quality.
  • Non-conforming or outdated equipment that needs to be promptly replaced and approved.

This work provides our Clients with an advantage in planning the procurement of the necessary material and equipment, focusing on the work terms and cost as well as in the timely preparation of a technical decision and their coordination with design offices. Besides, it will allow the Client to send funds for necessary expenses without freezing building and construction works and causing idle time, which in turn both saves money and allows one to meet the construction terms.

Our Design and Working Documentation Audit Services:

The Design and Working Documentation Audit

The result of the building design documentation audit is a decision containing an assessment of the adequacy of:

  • the basic architectural, structural, technological, and engineering solutions adopted in the design documentation;
  • choosing the main technological equipment along with construction and finishing materials;
  • the planned work terms and stages;
  • the estimated (marginal) cost of project construction as a whole and its individual stages.

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