We are ready to accomplish the assessment of the design documentation, the results of engineering surveys, and estimate documents to ensure the reliability, security, quality, and economic efficiency of the construction in compliance with the standard technical documents applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, the Rostekhnadzor license and an accredited laboratory allow our experts, certified in accordance with the established procedure, to conduct an assessment of industrial safety.

Based on the results, the Client is provided with an expert’s report that is competently justified and clear even to a non-specialist.

Our Assessment Services:

The assessment is carried out in order to check compliance with technical regulations as well as reliability and safety.

The Industrial and Construction Assessment

  • Design documentation assessment
  • Engineering survey assessment
  • Estimate documentation assessment (estimated cost determination’s validity verification)
  • Working documentation assessment (expert judgment, audit)
  • Industrial safety assessment
  • Construction expertise
  • Legal expertise

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